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Monday, March 23, 2009

Guido eat me!

So, Elise said her first sentence today, kind of. She was in the living room with Ethan and she tends to mimic her big brother way to often. Ethan is very dramatic, I think he gets that from his daddy! If Guido, (our Akita dog) walks by him, he falls down and holds his arm like he's dying. It's very funny, and kind of annoying. Well, today, Guido was playing with Elise, it's always the same, she puts her hand in his mouth and laughs. Or jumps on him and laughs, or throws something at him and laughs. Poor Guido just looks at me like I should do something about the little person bothering him. Well, today, following her brothers take to the floor, she calls me-
Elise: MOMMY!
me: Yes?
Elise: Guido eat me!
me: What? Did you just say three words together?
Elise: Yeah
Me: Yeah, Guido eat me!

Then she started laughing and carried on. Ethan was still laying on the floor fake crying.

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