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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Well, since I'm on a roll...

Here is the story of my sweet angel Elise! She was definitely a surprise also! We had just sold our house and moved into a TINY two bedroom apartment. We weren't sure what God had in store for us, and what an amazing story it turned out to be! This is going to be long, so bear with me!

We were hoping this pregnancy wouldn't be nearly as hard. It started out bad, but luckily, the all day "morning" sickness became somewhat tolerable. It was scary, because we didn't have insurance and weren't exactly sure what to do. It wasn't something we planned, but God definitely did! I called my Dr. as soon as we knew, and he was immediately willing to help out where he could.

Our pastor called Ramon and I in to talk, and he told us the church wanted to help pay for EVERYTHING- All the Dr bills, and the entire pregnancy. Meaning, visits, inevitable hospital stays, and anything we needed! We were reluctant at first, but he said that if we didn't let the church do this, we would be preventing a blessing from God.
So, it started. I needed a shot of Rhogam almost immediately due to some bleeding. Rhogam is a shot given to RH negative pregnant women to help stop hemolytic disease of the newborn. Obviously, the shot and actually going to the Dr cost money..which we didn't have. I called Dennis (our pastor), I was told to go to the Dr, and it was taken care of! What a wonderful feeling to have a caring, loving church family. We don't even have the words to explain how we felt. Everyone was touched, all of the staff in our Dr.'s office, family, friends, no one could understand why a church would take on such responsibility. But, God knew!
Needless to say, I ended up on bed rest. The entire pregnancy was so humbling, we had to rely on everyone, including the wonderful teenage girls that were taking care of me EVERYDAY! Yes, every morning Sarah, Emily or Hannah were dropped off at my apartment to take care of Ethan and to do all the things I couldn't do. This was very hard for me to accept, and on occasion, the girls were "telling" on me if I was getting out of bed!

Finally, I had to go to the Dr because of my blood pressure. I knew it was bad, because of the headaches, and nothing was helping. I went to see the nurse, she took my blood pressure, then took it again, and then.. took it again! She brought me to a room and made me lay down. Dr. K walked in and said he was admitting me! WHAT! NO! I was so upset! But, I knew it had to be done. Thankfully, I was only there a few days. The Dr.'s got my blood pressure under control and sent me home! I was thrilled, and had hope that I would make it through the entire pregnancy. All of the nurses knew me and Ramon because of being there with Ethan. (It was neat during staff change to see who would be next!) We were able to tell our story about the church and what God was doing. They were all enthralled, and would just sit and talk to us, because they wanted to know more! After we got home, I started to worry about the huge bill that the church would get. Then, the Dr called me and informed me that the ENTIRE bill was taken care of! He said that he talked to the staff and not to worry about a thing! WHOA! OK, so God had this thing under control!

Within a couple weeks, it was time for another (scheduled) Dr. visit. I had been praying about this baby, along with everyone else at church. Something just didn't feel right to me. After praying, I went to the Dr visit. The Dr said he thought everything looked good, and that I could probably make it another week. However, I told him we shouldn't wait any longer, and I felt like I should have her quickly. He walked out of the room, then came back in and said "Go to the hospital, and I will meet you there." I said, "Right now?!" So, off we went, I stopped by the house to tell the girls and give Ethan a kiss. I grabbed my bag (that had been packed) and headed off. I made all the phone calls I could think of at that crazy moment.

At the hospital we were waiting, and waiting.......and waiting! Finally, I was given the spinal and the C-Section began. It was awful, and I was begging them to put me to sleep! But then, there she was, this itsy bitsy little baby! The Dr hurriedly showed her to me over the curtain. What a miracle! The Dr. said "OH MY GOSH!" I didn't know what he was talking about, scared, I asked what was going on. He said the placenta looked like a "war zone," and "if we waited a DAY longer, Elise wouldn't have made it!" That was a life changing moment for me. We thank God for His grace, and for the Dr's that actually listened to me.

We also wouldn't have the medical care we needed without our church family. We worship such a big God, and we saw lives touched by Him through Elise. My children really know how to make an entrance into this crazy world! There are so many other factors to this story, but I will save those for another blog! Thank you, God, for showing us Your glory! We are blessed to have Elise, she is a precious/feisty little thing! Elise Marie Medina 4-30-07 2lbs, 12oz 15in long!

My first born

I thought I would start off this new blog writing about my baby boy, Ethan Andrew! It blows my mind to think that he just turned 4, wow! Everyone has always said time flies by fast, I never fully understood that until now. He has been such a blessing to us, and yes, he is somewhat spoiled, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Ramon and I were going to specialists and fertility doctors after having several miscarriages. They finally told us that we would never have children. So, we decided to look into possible adoption. Just as we were getting used to the thought of not having babies, IT happened! I tried not getting too excited, due to the outcomes of the others. But, the thought of eating everything I wanted and not having to worry about the weight gain was a nice feeling. Then, it started-morning sickness, and it never ended! It was horrible, because if it had a smell, it made me sick. Even the smell of my husband made me hug the toilet! There was a time that I had my pillow and blanket on the bathroom floor.

My doctors gave me medicine that was supposed to stop the nausea (Phenergan), but it never worked. After trying everything anyone suggested: ginger ale, ginger snaps, crackers on my nightstand, sprite, the "brat diet" (which consists of bananas, rice, apple sauce and toast) they admitted me into the hospital for the second time, and that is when home health started. I began Zofran (in a pump on my leg) that I had to change out, lets just say it wasn't fun. But, it WORKED! After losing 30lbs, I was able to eat and be happy. It was a good couple months until I started swelling up and having high blood pressure. Then, back to the hospital- I was told I would be there until the baby was born, because of the high risk factor. I was only there a few days when the headaches got worse. I was crying on the nurses shoulder when Dr. K walked in to check on me. He said "I'll be back in 30 minutes and we're taking the baby." WHAT! I was alone! So the nurse called Ramon, and he called everyone else.

I will never forget the cute anesthesiologist walking in to talk to us about the "options." He said that he can put me to sleep during the c-section or I can have a spinal and stay awake. If I decided to have the spinal, I would probably have a stroke! What kind of options are those?!

What a scary day.

I will never forget waking up after they gave me magnesium. It is given to stop seizures, but at the same time it shuts down the nervous system. So, I had to have a machine remind me to breathe!

My precious little boy was born at 6pm (2lbs, 8oz 13in long @ 30 weeks) and I finally got to see him at midnight. I kept asking the nurses if they were sure he was mine! He had a lot of dark curly hair, and I was sure that something that dark couldn't have come out of me! It was scary seeing a baby that tiny and fragile, but a reminder of how mighty our GOD really is! How can anyone see this miracle of life and not believe in Him! Thank you, Jesus, for letting Ethan be our son.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My first blog

OK, so it seems that everyone is blogging and I guess I will join in! I've told Ramon a few times that I think we should start- mostly so we can keep stories for the kids to read down the road. I'm not very good at this type of thing, so I'm hoping to get better! Ha!

You may, or may not be curious about the web address! There's a group called G Love and Special Sauce, I really like their music! An old friend turned me onto them long ago, and I'm still thankful! Anyway, the address came from one of their songs called "My baby got Sauce"!

"My baby got sauce
Your baby ain't sweet like mine
(She got sauce)"

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