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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Flowers, Shots, and Screaming

"Flowers" that Ethan "made" me, very cute. He keeps making sure I haven't thrown them away!

The other day, Ethan was looking at a picture of Ramon and I:

Ethan said: Mom, those are my parents!
Me: Yes, that was when we got married.
Ethan: Mom, I'm gonna get married.
Me: Yes, you will find a special lady to marry some day.
Ethan: Mom, will you be the special lady that marries me? I want to marry you!
Me: yes!
I thought that was so sweet.

Today, Ethan got his 4 year shots. We were both dreading this occasion! I heard that the four year shots are worse than the others. Ethan always acts like he's going to die right there on the table after getting any kind of shot. However, today, he was absolutely ridiculous. I feel sorry for the poor nurse. I was holding his hands and upper body down and she couldn't get the needles to stay in his leg because his muscles were so tight! Finally, it was over. I felt bad for the poor guy. I was trying to get his pants on him and couldn't, so the nurse started to help me. Ethan stopped screaming looked at the nurse and said "Don't touch me!" I started laughing and couldn't quit. The nurse said .."well, I guess you don't want me to touch you!" She went out of the room and Ethan stopped screaming for another second to say "Mom, I do not like that nurser!" He finally stopped crying until we got around the corner and thought he might get sympathy from the people in the hallway or waiting room and started crying again. It was a hard day for him.

Elise is just a stinker, here lately, she has wanted her daddy more than me. She has him just where she wants him..already! Every time she hears the chime from the door open, she says "HIDE" and starts giggling. She is adorable. She has started this really annoying thing where she wants to sleep in my bed. I'm not sure how this came about. I have never let her sleep with me. But, I just keep putting her in her bed and try to explain (to a one year old) that mommy and daddy sleep in there. She isn't getting it! Now, she screams for an hour or more every time she goes to bed. Wonderful! Please tell me this will stop!

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